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Mission 101 is our way of introducing the mission, vision, and values of Church on a Mission.  This class happens once a month right after our 10am service with free lunch provided. Through our 3 different sessions, we hope to help you discover your gifts that God has given you to use through the local church to benefit God's Kingdom. You can sign up today by clicking the "Attend Mission 101" button below.


Volunteers at Church on a Mission are apart of what we call The Mission Team. Being apart of The Mission Team is how you can be apart of the movement that is happening at Church on a Mission. With our Mission Team, all our volunteers make sure to bring the right culture to church each and every week. These are our 7 principles we live by:

1. we are expectant.

"When we expect great things, we will be prepared for great things."


"We honor up, we honor down, we honor all around."

3. we are anticipators.

"We stay ready and prepared for every moment."

4. We stay hungry.

"We always go further, never settling."

5. we are generous.

"Generosity is our privilege."

6. we pursue excellence.

"Excellence is not a destination, it's a lifestyle."

7. we are joyful.

"The joy of the Lord is our strength."